All appointments are booked by calling our central phone number:

Q. Do I need all my tax documents and tax slips before calling?

No. The sooner we get your basic information the better. We can create your tax profile by completing a tax interview with you. The tax interview allows us to get a complete picture of your tax situation so that we can consider all tax savings that are available to you. We want to make certain you obtain the greatest tax refund possible.

Q. What are your office locations?

We provide our service to all communities in BC through our offices in Vancouver and Surrey and through our satellite offices in other regions. You can provide information to us in person, via fax or by email from any location in BC. We use technology to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Q. How does it work?

It’s a very simple process:
1. Call us or submit the contact form to book the appointment. We obtain the information that we need from you to prepare your income taxes.
2. We arrange for you to sign your return once it is ready.
3. We E-File your return ensuring a refund in 2-3 weeks.

Q. Is this service available to my spouse and other family members?

Yes, your family can take advantage of this service at the same discount rate.

Q. How can you provide this service for so little?

We use technology to lower the cost of producing and filing tax returns, and pass those savings directly to you.

Q. Where does the money go?

When you purchase WE Tax services, the money stays in BC to benefit you. We support the Columbia Foundation, the Shareholders Association for Research and Education and The Tyee
Columbia Institute ( works to fund innovative social research and provides scholarships that promote re-training and life-long learning.
The Shareholders Association for Research and Education ( promotes responsible pension investing for working Canadians, contributing to a just and healthy society.
The Tyee ( is BC’s leading independent online news magazine.


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Extended Hours For Tax Season: February, March, April

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